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6 Steps to Avoid Follower Fatigue

Follower fatigue is a common phenomenon where followers begin to disengage due to repetitive or uninspiring content. This can result in lower post engagement and overall impressions, as well as slower growth of your follower community. To keep your LinkedIn presence engaging and prevent follower fatigue, here are six essential steps:

1. Define Your Topics

Start by defining a variety of topics that reflect your professional expertise and personal interests. Topics like 'Success through Goal Setting,' 'Expert People Management,' 'Nurturing Team Culture,' and 'Leadership Insights' can offer a rich tapestry of content for your followers. This diversity not only keeps your content fresh but also caters to the varied interests of your audience.

2. Personal Connection

Make it a habit to share a personal post every two weeks. These posts could be about your personal experiences, challenges, achievements, or lessons learned. Personal insights lead to better engagement as they allow your followers to connect with you on a more intimate level.

3. LinkedIn Personal Posts

In addition to professional content, share inspirations, recent lessons learned, new roles, promotions, or spotlight a friend's venture. Personal posts make your profile more relatable and engaging, allowing your followers to see the person behind the professional.

4. The IIEE Rule

Ensure your posts are Informative, Inspiring, Entertaining, and Engaging. This IIEE rule helps in maintaining a balance and encourages you to embrace a variety of content types. By adhering to this rule, you can cater to different aspects of your followers' interests and keep them engaged.

5. Utilize Different Post Types

Experiment with different types of posts such as photos, videos, carousels, PDFs, and polls. This variety not only breaks the monotony of text-based posts but also caters to different preferences of content consumption among your audience.

6. Create a Content Calendar

Plan your content at least two weeks in advance with a content calendar. This helps you stay ahead and ensures that your posts are aligned with the first five steps, keeping your content diverse and engaging.

Incorporating these six steps into your LinkedIn strategy can significantly reduce the risk of follower fatigue. By ensuring your content is varied, personal, and engaging, you can maintain a dynamic and interesting LinkedIn presence that resonates with your audience and keeps them eagerly anticipating your next post​​.


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